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ObamaCare Brings Triple Digit Premium Increases for Nebraska!



Due to The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, health insurance premiums in Nebraska are rising by as much as 143 percent!

The “Essential Health Benefits” of ObamaCare are responsible for driving up the health insurance premiums for The Cornhusker State due to a large extent.

This was to be expected.  The claims of The Supporters of ObamaCare that more health coverage would be provided for less cost is simply unworkable, no matter how many Hollywood celebrities tweeted in support.  If more health insurance benefits are in a policy, no matter if the consumer wants or needs the additional ones, the premiums are going to be higher.  These higher costs hurt the economy, as reported in many articles.

That is what those in Nebraska and across the country are finding out as a costly surprise.

The Lincoln Journal Star reported that Bruce Ramge, the Health Insurance Commissioner for Nebraska, stated that health insurance costs are going up for most who live in Nebraska.  News like this is certainly not wanted so close to the November election by ObamaCare supporters. Those in favor of The Affordable Care Act have fared very poorly in elections.

Polls do not indicate that will be much better come November 4, when Americans head to the voting booth to cast their ballots!

The latest round of health insurance increases will most likely have an impact on the election results.  With triple digit increases in Nebraska, it is difficult to imagine how that will not be registered in the polls.  This is most likely only get worse in the future as The Obama Administration has delayed or changed provisions of The Affordable Care Act more than 30 times.

Obvoiusly, much of that was motivated by the need to protect its supporters in the election.

Based on the results, it has not worked so far in elections.  It is difficult to see how supporters of ObamaCare will do any better having to defend triple digit increases in Nebraska!  It will no doubt be the same in many other states across America!


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