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This Makes “Cover Oregon” Look like a Prudent Expenditure!

Dump Truck Dumping


In Oregon, the health insurance exchange may not have worked and, as a result, ended up in court, but a fight song, “Cover Oregon” was created.

All of that was at taxpayer expense, needless to state.

This may turn out to be a prudent use of taxpayer funds compared to what allegedly happened Texas, according to court documents.  In Texas, according to Cause of Action, $1.3 million went in a grant to United Labor Unions Local 101 to serve as a “navigator.”  Those intended to help the American people “navigate” The Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare.

Apparently the $2.1 billion for HealthCare.Gov, the Federal Government website, was not enough!

The money for navigators was used fraudulently, Cause of Action avers.  It claims the funds went for union activities and other measures not related to ObamaCare.  Daniel Epstein, executive director for Cause of Action, claimed that, “Southern United Neighborhoods and ULU Local 100, both rebranded ACORN entities, present a risk of violating the law – this time by potentially misusing over $1.3 million of taxpayer dollars for union activities instead of enrolling individuals in the Affordable Care Act.” 

In a letter to the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services, Epstein called for an audit, claiming that, “Given the amount of federal dollars at issue, the Inspector General should investigate SUN and conduct an audit into the potential misuse of ACA navigator funds.”

This is just another example of the billions that have been wasted on ObamaCare.

The Affordable Care Act has been the law of the land for over four years now.  It has been changed or delayed more than 30 times by The Obama Administration.  The supporters of it have lost heavily in elections.  Polls show that is likely to happen in the Congressional mid-term elections in November, in large part due to the high levels of spending on ObamaCare.

The work being done by Cause of Action to protect the American taxpayer from waste, fraud, and abuse could add to that!



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