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“The World Seems to Disappoint Him”

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A recent Quinnipiac Poll has Barrack Obama rated as the worst president in the post-World War II group.  That means worse than Jimmy Carter and LBJ, who gave us Vietnam.  Much of that disapproval of Obama has to do with The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.  That can certainly be attributed to Obama not telling the truth to the American people about how they could keep their health insurance coverage if they like it.  As Americans found out, that was not true.

But for Obama, according to David Remnick, Editor of The New Yorker,  “The world seems to disappoint him.”

That must have summed up the feelings nicely of the Americans who did not keep their insurance, as promised.  Nor the others who had premiums and deductibles increased under ObamaCare, as detailed in previous articles on this site.  It is not the world, but Obama, who disappoints them: being told that they could keep their health insurance and having that turn out not to be true will have that impact on a person.

Hence the bottom place in the polls ranking the capabilities of American presidents.

It is difficult to see Obama moving up in the rankings due to ObamaCare.  Many of the state health insurance exchanges are disasters.  After all, the Obama Administration has changed or delayed it more than thirty times unilaterally.  That can hardly be considered a show of strength!

It is the same in the election results!

Despite media support and Hollywood celebrities tweeting away, ObamaCare supporters have lost in every election this year. Based on poll results, it looks like it will be that way in November, too.  Those who voted for The Affordable Care Act are running behind.  It appears as if many will lose.  Should that happen, it is very likely that Obama’s poll numbers will fall even more.

But it is impossible to rate someone as worse than the worst president since World War II!


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