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The Largest Health Insurance Exchange in Minnesota Punts due to ObamaCare!



Minnesota is home to the Mayo Clinic and went for Obama twice, but that still has not stopped PreferredOne, its largest health insurance exchange from punting on its operations in the state.

Due to the requirements of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, it is simply not sustainable on a financial basis for PreferredOne to continue to operate in Minnesota.

Marcus Merz, CEO of PreferredOne and Scott Leitz, CEO of MNsure, declared in a joint statement that, “PreferredOne made the decision to not offer health plans through the health insurance exchange in 2015.  Simply put, both organizations understand that MNsure is still an evolving partnership. This decision impacts 2015 enrollment.”

The health insurance exchange in Minnesota has been plagued with problems from the outset.  Even with that, PreferredOne still enrolled 59 percent of the individuals securing insurance through exchanges.  A major reason for that was the pricing, obviously.  This could be an opportunity for the other insurers in Minnesota to pick up clients.

Maybe, maybe not.

There are four others in Minnesota: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Medica, Health Partners and Ucare.  The departure of PreferredOne would certainly seem to be a blessing for the others.  But the curse is, as for so many others, having to operate in the realm of The Affordable Care Act.  No matter what happens, people in Minnesota now have fewer choices in health insurance, which is never good for the consumer or an economy.

As many articles have detailed, others such as medical doctors with decades of experience are leaving, too, due to ObamaCare.

There is something fundamentally wrong with a system that drives out the biggest insurers and the best doctors.  The United States has the best health care system in the world.  But how long that can be sustained into called into question when the biggest insurance company in a state pulls out and medical doctors with decades of practice close their doors



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