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The Doctor is not in the House for ObamaCare



A lot of things look great on paper, but collapse when confronted with the reality of the marketplace.

That was certainly the case when Time Warner (NYSE: TMX) merged with AOL (NYSE: AOL).  The new combination looked great on paper.  But it was a disaster, considered by many to be the worst corporate merger in history.  Eventually, it had to be undone.  Truth be told, The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, never even looked that good on paper.

But it has managed to perform even worse in the real world.

This was obvious in the way that ObamaCare was passed.  The Affordable Care Act did not receive a single Republican vote.  That was the first time in history that happened with a major piece of legislation.  It has also been changed or delayed more than thirty times by The Obama Administration.

One of the most pernicious aspects of how ObamaCare is functioning in the real world is that many medicals doctors are not in the network.

Previous articles have reported how medical doctors are quitting.  A recent piece in The Los Angeles Times by Chad Terhune, Sandra Poindexter, and Doug Smith, “Obamacare Doctor Networks to Stay Limited in 2015,” warns that, “The state’s largest health insurers are sticking with their often-criticized narrow networks of doctors, and in some cases they are cutting the number of physicians even more, according to a Times analysis of company data. And the state’s insurance exchange, Covered California, still has no comprehensive directory to help consumers match doctors with health plans.”

Now, many of the changes and delays to The Affordable Care Act were done to lessen the blow in the November elections, especially for Congress.

ObamaCare supporters have not fared well in elections this year.  The high level of spending that is coming out now should do damage, too.   If Americans cannot find a medical doctor due to The Affordable Care Act, the losses will likely be even worse in November!




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