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Maybe it is Better that Transparency is Lacking with ObamaCare

  In the 2008 campaign, it was often that the The Obama Administration would be the most transparent in history. That is hardly an original campaign promise.  It is thought to think of a politician running for office who states the opposite.  But The Obama Administration is acting just the opposite. This is especially so with The Affordable Care Act, ...
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$2.1 Billion for ObamaCare Website that Still Does not Work!

  The most recent estimate for HealthCare.Gov, the website for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, is now $2.1 billion. That is based on analysis of documents by Bloomberg Government. Needless to say, that is much higher than the figure given out by The Obama Administration.  The most recent estimate for the cost of HealthCare.Gov from The Obama Administration is ...
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Federal Reserve Bank Studies Report More ObamaCare Job Losses

  Many articles have reported of massive job losses and reductions in hours for workers due to the requirements of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. Three recent Federal Reserve Bank studies add to carnage. A mission of a regional Federal Reserve Bank is to survey local businesses in the area to gauge the economic health of the area.  Federal ...
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Students Suffer under ObamaCare

  Previous articles have detailed how retirees are being dumped by companies into health insurance exchanges due to the requirements of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. Students are suffering under ObamaCare, too. Linda Christensen, a professor of business at Indiana University Southeast, Eric Schansber, professor of economics there and an adjunct scholar for the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, wrote ...
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Nothing New, but More Bad News for ObamaCare

  The most recent bad news is that The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, has shaky finances. That was to be expected.  The entire foundation of The Affordable Care Act is flawed.  More health insurance coverage for more goods and services cannot be transacted for less money.  Recent news from the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service confirm this, ...
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Can Wal-Mart Save ObamaCare?

  The short answer is obviously “No” as The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, has too many woes that have been detailed in many, many articles. Testament to that is The Obama Administration changing or delaying The Affordable Care Act more than 30 times to ease its impact, especially in elections. That has hardly worked as ObamaCare supporters have lost ...
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Does Minnesota have the Worst ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange?

  It would seem impossible that a state could have a worse ObamaCare health insurance exchange than Oregon. But it appears as if Minnesota might have accomplished the impossible! State officials at least had the self awareness to shut down its health insurance exchange that was supposed to allow its residents to get coverage under The Affordable Care Act.  Massive ...
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