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There is No Denying that ObamaCare is an Election Issue

  Many articles have come out about The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, not being an important issue in the mid-term Congressional election in November.  That is not what is happening in the actual campaigns, however.  To see how wrong that is all one has to do is watch is the commercials of those who voted for The Affordable Care ...
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Will ObamaCare Make this is Abnormal Election?

  There is nothing like the “power of the incumbency” when it comes to elections for the United States Congress. Members of Congress, United States Senators and Representatives, have resources that challengers do not have.  Those are the “power of the incumbency” when it comes to elections for Congress.  These include huge staffs, office space, name recognition, and, generally, the ...
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ObamaCare is in the Bullseye for November Elections

  As detailed in previous articles on this site, supporters of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, has lost in every recent election. That was pretty much the case in the 2010 Congressional elections, too. It certainly looks to be the case for this November.  After all, Alex Sick lost a special election for Congress in March of this year ...
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With No Success to Speak of, What lies Ahead for ObamaCare?

  For the massive resources expended, from billions in taxpayer dollars to Hollywood celebrities tweeting away, there is little to show for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. Americans did not get to keep their health insurance as promised by Obama.  Relatively few received new insurance coverage despite the claims of The Obama Administration.  As detailed in many previous articles ...
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Bleak Outlook for ObamaCare Supporters

  Many previous articles on this site have spelled out how the supporters of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, have lost in all three elections so far this cycle.  It looks to be even worse for the Democrats in November according to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll.  That would certainly follow what has happened recently and in the 2010 midterm ...
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By ObamaCare Standards, Off by 25 to 50% is a Rounding Error!

  With the March 31 deadline fast approaching, it appears as if the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, is going to miss some pretty important targets by some pretty big numbers…by anyone else’s standards, that is! Rather than sign up 7 million as originally projected, it looks like the number will be under 4.5 million.  So the goal of initial ...
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