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Students Suffer under ObamaCare



Previous articles have detailed how retirees are being dumped by companies into health insurance exchanges due to the requirements of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

Students are suffering under ObamaCare, too.

Linda Christensen, a professor of business at Indiana University Southeast, Eric Schansber, professor of economics there and an adjunct scholar for the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, wrote an op-ed in The Muncie Star Press about four Indiana college students were suffering due to The Affordable Care Act.  All were doing fine before ObamaCare.  That can hardly be said now, as the article reports in depth.

Student number 1 has three sets of health insurance due to ObamaCare, but “…derives no benefit from their health plan, however, and does not have the option to be paid more money instead. This is a lose-lose situation since the employer is paying an expense that the employee would prefer as cash.’

Student number 2 was forced out of a university job due to the 30 hour requirement.   If an employee works over 30 hours a week, an expensive health insurance policy is required under The Affordable Care Act.  As a result, of “…ObamaCare’s requirement to provide health insurance for those working more than 30 hours per week, the university forced him to choose between the two jobs.”

Student number 3 “…is required to work long days with no off days for training or student move-in — even though those hours are not counted for the purposes of ObamaCare.”  This is much like student number 2.

Student number 4 is “…is an excellent employee and might have a fine career with the company, they could not offer him more hours since the company can only afford a few full-time employees.”  Again, the 30 hours of ObamaCare strikes.

Paying for college is expensive.

ObamaCare is making it even more costly.  Gone is the flexibility students who work need.  Like retirees, this is an unwelcome development from The Affordable Care Act.


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