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So Much for California being an ObamaCare Success Story!



As bad as things were in Oregon with its health insurance exchange for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, it was supposed to be better in California!

But that turns out not to be the case.

In April, there were 800,000 applications in a backlog for Medi-Cal, according to the California Department of Health Care Services. Rather than being reduced, it has expanded.  There are now 100,000 more.  That can be expected to worsen.

As Helen Shen wrote in an article in Kaiser Health News,”A month later, that number had grown by 100,000 and has not budged much since.  As the state works through older applications, new ones continue each day to enter the system, which has been plagued by computer glitches and inefficient procedures for verifying applicants’ personal information.”  In her piece, “ObamaCare: Massive backlog stalls Medi-Care Expansion,” she furthered that, “Not only has application processing been delayed, the state has also fallen behind in sending final notifications to enrollees, officials confirmed. Meanwhile, many low-income people who qualify for Medi-Cal are showing up at community clinics and costly emergency rooms as they have in the past. Others are putting off care.  Although Medi-Cal coverage is retroactive from the time eligible patients apply, some patients don’t know about the rule or simply don’t trust they will be covered until they have a card in hand.”

So much for ObamaCare covering those who need it the most!

Many previous articles on this site have detailed the failures of health insurance exchanges for ObamaCare in Oregon, Massachusetts, and other states.  These were expensive failures, too, wasting massive amounts of taxpayer dollars.  California was supposed to be a success story.  Like Obama telling the American people they could keep their health insurance if they liked it, it appears as if the system in California working well is just another ObamaCare myth!


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