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Scott Brown: Replace Obamacare with Romneycare



There have been no shortage of articles calling for the replacement of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare due to its many flaws such as a loss of jobs in America.  Supporters of The Affordable Care Act claim that the opponents offer no alternative.  Senator Scott Brown, the formes United States Senator from Massachusetts who is now running to be a United States Senator from New Hampshire from New Hampshire, does have a tried replacement to offer.

Senator Brown thinks that ObamaCare should be replaced with Romneycare.

About this, Senator Brown said in a recent interview that, ““I believe states can do it better. They can certainly cover preexisting conditions, cover kids to X age, whatever you want — catastrophic care, covering those who need additional coverages…other states have addressed these issues…It’s something that’s very important for our state and its citizens. It’s something that more than likely would be covered in any type of plan that we offered…that is one thing that is important to me. I’ve already voted on something like that. And I would continue to support that.”

When an officeholder in Massachusetts, Senator Brown supported Romneycare, the health care program from then-Governor Mitt Romney.  Below is a table of differences between Romneycare and ObamaCare from

Overall Size and Scope
Whole bill was 70 pages
Romney vetoed significant sections of the bill including the employer penalty for not providing health insurance
Romney favored an “opt out” provision from the mandate
No federal gov. insurance option
Intended as a market driven solution to healthcare
Whole bill was 2,074 pages
Very broad regulation of the insurance industry including an employer penalty for not providing health insurance and no “opt out” provision
Leaves open the option of creating single-payer gov. insurance in the future
Intended as a step toward gov. run insurance
No new taxes!
Romney balanced the state’s budget first, then passed healthcare law
No cuts to Medicare benefits
Modest cost to state (only added 1% to state budget)
Increased taxes by $500 billion
Despite massive federal gov. debt, Obama still passed Obamacare
Cuts Medicare by $500 billion
Overall costs unknown!
Very strong bipartisan support
Strong special interest support
Very popular among the public in Massachusetts
Strong consensus of approval was built in the state to support the law
Consensus was built to support an individual mandate
Absolutely no bipartisan support
Very controversial and divided special interest groups
Unpopular in nation overall
No consensus was built to support a mandate
Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare, Romneycare will remain constitutional
Potentially unconstitutional
Supreme Court has yet to rule on 10th amendment limitations of federal gov. power in regard to this law
A state solution to a state problem
Through collaboration and discussion, Massachusetts created a consensus among stake holders to support the new law
Federal gov. “one-size-fits-all” plan
Doesn’t take into account that each state is unique in important ways such as:
1)Vastly different debt levels between states (some states can’t afford new spending on health care)
2)Some states have three times the percentage of uninsured citizens (Much greater costs will be imposed on states with a larger percentage of uninusured citizens)
3)Conservative states will reject implementation of federal gov. plan.



There certainly are huge differences.

With more than 30 changes and delays by The Obama Administration, apparently the original supporters do not like it too much in its original form.   The level of support will be more obvious after the November election.  It has been lacking in other elections this year as ObamaCare supporters have lost in all!


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