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“Runaway Obamacare Spending Will Cost Democrats”



Sometimes the Big Headline says it all!

“Runaway Obamacare Spending will Cost Democrats” is one such headline, gracing a piece by Lanhee Chen for BloombergView, the opinion section of Bloomberg News.  Among other titles, Bloomberg LP publishes Bloomberg Businessweek.  Lanhee Chen is a columnist for Bloomberg View, in addition to being a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.  He was also the Policy Director for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

In his Bloomberg View article, Chen writes that ObamaCare, or The Affordable Care Act, is “…partly why Democratic Senators such as Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mark Begich of Alaska find themselves barely breaking 40 percent in recent public polls.”

In then furthers that the recent study by Bloomberg Government that reports that about $100 billion will be spent on the implementation of ObamaCare in the first year, “… threatens to bring the Affordable Care Act back to center stage — and in a way that will likely hurt the electoral chances of incumbent Democrats, all of whom voted for the law.”

Previous articles are reported on the excellent research done by Bloomberg Government.

Not only did it disclose the $100 billion amount for total spending, it also calculated that $2.1 billion has gone for HealthCare.Gov, the Fedeal Government website for ObamaCare.  That is more than twice the estimate from The Obama Administration.  Even that amount will not be enough, according to other articles.

In conclusion, Chen warns that, “…even more bad news may be on the way. The Bloomberg study concludes that government computers still aren’t ready to process the exchange data needed either for the open-enrollment period beginning on Nov. 15 or for the 2015 tax season. That could mean another chaotic fall and winter for the already troubled law. For Democrats, the only saving grace may be that this set of calamities won’t likely occur until after the Nov. 4 election.”



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