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Rising Healthcare Costs did not Get Memo about ObamaCare Saving Money



Among the many accomplishments that The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, was supposed to bring to the American people was to be lower healthcare costs.  Like so many other promises of ObamaCare (remember the one about keeping your health insurance?), this has not proven to be true, either.  A recent article in Consumer Reports details a survey conducted by the organization that details the frustration of Americans with rising healthcare costs.

Consumer Reports does great work, with its excellent magazine read by many.

All should read the piece on rising healthcare costs, “It’s time to get mad about the outrageous cost of heath care.”  The American healthcare system delivers the best medical treatment in the world.  Obviously that costs money, especially in research in development to improve it.  But The Affordable Care Act was sold on the promise that it would reduce healthcare spending.  As Consumer Reports tell us, that is not happening.

In addition, ObamaCare is costing quite a bit on its own.

Bloomberg Government did an excellent study that reported that the first year of The Affordable Care Act will cost about $100 billion. HealthCare.Gov, the Federal Government website, has cost over $2.1 billion.  Costs for all aspects of ObamaCare are still rising.

These rising costs for businesses are resulting in less in the way of employment opportunities for workers.

The Consumer Reports article opens with, “Person for person, health care in the U.S. costs about twice as much as it does in the rest of the developed world. In fact, if our $3 trillion health care sector were its own country, it would be the world’s fifth-largest economy.”

ObamaCare costs are adding to that, obviously.

Many previous articles have reported on how that is taking place.  It looks to only get worse.  That is why The Obama Administration has delayed or changed ObamaCare more than thirty times.  It is also a major reason for the loss of supporters of The Affordable Care Act is so many elections.  Saving money for the American consumer in healthcare spending does not appear to be happening for ObamaCare, according to Consumer Reports and its excellent study!




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