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Predicting that ObamaCare will Fail in Indiana is a Safe Bet



In what is a safe prediction based on experience and basic common sense, J.K. Wall, of “The Dose” column of the Indiana Business Journal, which covers health issues in the state, has written a piece with the headline, “Why Obamacare is likely to fail in India (and in most other states, too).”

There is certainly no shortage of evidence and experience to base that expected outcome for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, as detailed in many previous articles on this site.  It could also be contended that The Obama Administration has feared the failure of The Affordable Care Act by how many times it has been changed or amended unilaterally.  That has certainly shown up in the results for ObamaCare supporters in recent elections.

Wall also anticipates this failure of ObamaCare, but in a different way in Indiana due to the composition of the health insurance market in the state.

As Wall comments in his Indiana Business Journal piece about the failure of The Affordable Care Act, “Dr. Ben Park, the CEO of American Health Network, thinks. His reasoning? A large majority of people covered by private health insurance get that coverage from employers that actually insure themselves and, as a result, are exempted from most of Obamacare’s new rules.”

About 80 percent of those living in Indiana are covered by self-funded health insurance plans such as those.

Dr. Park expects that to rise as consumers react to the onerous rules and regulations of ObamaCare that are not in their self interest.  About that, Wall concludes that, “then Park is right: Obamacare will have failed. Not as conservatives have predicted, with a colossal train wreck or a political uprising. But in a far more mundane fashion. Because lots of people will find it in their interest and in their power to work around it.



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