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ObamaCare’s Tax War on Female Small Businesses



It what must come as little surprise, the increases taxes from The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, are hitting small businesses very hard according to a recent article in Forbes by Carrie Lukas, “Women-Owned Businesses Hit Hard by ObamaCare Tax.”

Although it is impossible to determine how much more in taxes will be paid to finance The Affordable Care Act, the amount will be in the trillions.

That has to be paid by someone.  As small businesses are the foundation of the American economy, it makes sense that the burden will fall upon these companies.  No longer is this just theory, Lukas notes in her Forbes piece that, “Yet now that ObamaCare is in force, we’ve seen the impact of the law’s many provisions in practice.  Economists warnings that the employer mandate would encourage some businesses to shift employees to part-time status came true. So did their warnings that government mandates that insurance provide first-dollar coverage for more benefits would raise insurance premiums.”

She furthers that, “Consumers saw that rather than the President’s promised thousand dollars of savings in health care costs, most middleclass Americans are paying more, and often much more.  And the impact of those targeted ObamaCare taxes on companies and industries—surprise, surprise—aren’t just hitting those evil one-percenters.  It’s middle-class America who is bearing the costs.”

In her focus on small businesses owned by women getting hit hard, Lukas cites the increased taxes on tanning salons.

These are almost all owned by women.  Nearly all of the employees are female.  So are the customers.  The increased ObamaCare tax had the suspected impact on tanning sales.  Lukas notes that, “The industry reports that the number of tanning salons has fallen from 18,000 in 2009 to 10,000 today, and 64,000 jobs have been eliminated in the process.”

She concluded her excellent Forbes piece by cautioning that, “The American people should take note of what’s happening in these industries and keep it in mind as Washington presents its next round of revenue raisers and regulations which they say will be harmless while helping funded needed programs and advancing key causes.  There may be real beneficiaries to such government intervention, but there are real costs to, which are just as real and ought to be acknowledged—rather than brushed away.



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