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ObamaCare has “Worsened Bureaucratic Burden” Doctor Writes in USA Today



In a column for USA Today, Dr. Kathryn Chenault writes that, “Whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid or something else, every federal health care reforms only empower bureaucracies to write the tune to which health care providers must dance.  Yet Obamacare worsened the bureaucratic burden like nothing I’ve ever seen.

From this, she writes, ObamaCare is interfering with the critical doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Chenault furthers that, “By October, the law had already created 11,000 pages of regulation.   It has added thousands more since.  Doctors, hospitals and insurers must hire armies of lawyers and administrators to make sense of this system. This leads to mountains of paperwork. I’ve had to hire extra staff to fill out forms, file them and fax them.”

As many previous articles on this site have detailed, this is just one of the many ways that the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, is doing the opposite of what it intended and/or promised!

The most obvious, of course, is Obama promising that Americans could keep their health insurance if they liked it.  That took place over twenty times.  It proved not to be true.

Along with that have come more than thirty unilateral changes to ObamaCare by The Obama Administration, many of which have been designed to help supporters of The Affordable Care Act in the November elections.

Based on the results of elections this year, especially in the 13th District of Florida, that is not happening.   It will be even worse based on what D. Chenault pens in her USA Today piece.  She writes of people being forced into health insurance exchanges rather than being able to keep their previous coverage, having to deal with much higher health insurance premiums, and then finding out that many practices and procedures have been slashed.

Overall, she concludes with, “Such is the awkward position forced on us by Washington. No doctor wants less time with her patients. We value the doctor-patient relationship above all else. But now our hands are tied by Washington’s never-ending need to regulate our every move.”


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