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ObamaCare Certainly does not Change the Negative View of Dr. Robert Gordon



Americans were told that The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, would change everything for the better.

There were be more health care for all.  Prices would be lower.  Jobs would be created due to the stimulative effects of The Affordable Care Act.  For the creative types like artists and poets, ObamaCare would allow for their talents to flourish without having to worry about such as pedestrian concerns as adequest health insurance coverage.

Dr. Robert Gordon, a brilliant economist at Northwestern University, takes a different, dimmer outlook upon the future for the world.

In a front page article in The Wall Street Journal by Timothy Appel, “Has All the Important Stuff Already Been Invented,” Dr. Gordon and Dr. Joel Mokyr, another economist at Northwestern University, were profiled.  Dr. Gordon is very pessimistic about the future.  He does not see an important gains ahead, not even from the billions in taxpayer money being tossed about in ObamaCare.

So far, The Affordable Care Act has done little to change the outlook of Dr. Robert Gordon.

The Obama Administration has changed provisions of ObamaCare more than 30 times in a unilateral fashion.   Obama did not tell the truth about Americans getting to keep their health insurance if they liked it.  Billions are being provided to insurance companies to keep premiums down before the elections in November.  Even with that, double digit increases are on the way, as detailed in previous articles on this site.

All of the support from Hollywood celebrities has not changed that performance by ObamaCare.

The election results for ObamaCare supporters have been equally dismal.  And The Affordable Care Act has certainly not done anything to alter the outlook for the future of Dr. Robert Gordon.  He sees high government debt as a contributing factor to a bleak economic outlook; and The Affordable Care Act has certainly added billions to what the American Government has had to borrow to finance various provisions of ObamaCare.




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