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Obamacare allows Americans the Chance to Vote for Double Digit Increases!



Thanks to one of the more than 30 delays or amendments to The Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare from The Obama Administration, double digit price increases are coming in some states just in time for the Congressional mid-term elections in November!

Based on the string of losses for supporters of ObamaCare in recent election that is certainly not an appealing prospect when Americans go to the polls on November 4!

The latest change comes from The Obama Administration not forcing young people to go with more lavish, costlier policies.  For the financing of ObamaCare to work, more young people paying more is critical.  Young people are healthier and do not cost as much to insure.  As a result, the profits are bigger for health insurance companies the more healthy young people that are covered.

But the numbers are not working as ObamaCare supporters would happen.

The media support, Hollywood celebrities endorsing, and all the other expensive public relations efforts paid for by the American taxpayer cannot change what has worked out to be a bad deal for so many.  Not enough young people means higher premiums. Many are those are expected to be in the double digits.

About that, Bob Blendon, an expert on public opinion and health care at the Harvard School of Public Health, predicted that, “If there are double-digit increases, they will show up in ads, and people will take it as another sign that the law is going badly.  If it’s below, well, people know things increase.”

There is no way that will help out ObamaCare supporters in the November elections!

A major part of the appeal of The Affordable Care Act is that it was supposed to reduce costs.  Clearly a double digit increase is proof that is not the case.  Many articles have detailed how the performance is failing, too.  What will prove to be true is how unhappy Americans are at being faced with soaring health insurance premiums when they go to vote on that first Tuesday in November!


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