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Not Even Re-Enrollment in ObamaCare is Easy



It certainly seems as if nothing is ever easy, or inexpensive, with The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

The rollout last year of HealthCare.Gov, the Federal Government health insurance exchange, was a disaster.  It was also expensive.  Total costs or it are now over $2.1 billion, more than twice that estimated by The Obama Administration.

Now it looks like re-enrollment could be a nightmare, too.

That hardly comes as a surprise by now.  HealthCare.Gov still has many problems.  There was a huge security breach in July.  Many experts are now very concerned about the problems that re-enrollment will entail.  Those in Congress who voted for ObamaCare and are up for re-election are very troubled, needless to state.

Bob Laszewski of Health Policy and Strategy Associates warned that, ““This notion of just sit back and re-enroll is really misleading and I think could cause a lot of harm to people.”

A major reason for that are the subsidies from The Affordable Care Act.  About that, Laszewski warned that, ““Everyone’s going to have differences in their subsidies.  The vast majority really probably need to change plans in order to continue with the same out of pocket premium. And they’re not going to know if their premium has changed unless they go in and re-enroll.”

It is truly amazing that the “vast majority” will probably need to change plans!

People value stability, especially when it comes to healthcare.  To have to constantly change can be very unsettling.  The performance of HealthCare.Gov hardly makes it any more reassuring.  Having to shop for a new plan with an untested network for medical care is, at best, a challenge.

If the wrong plan is selected, there can be even more problems at its worst.

Health economist John Goodman warns that the ObamaCare “…networks leave out the best doctors, they leave out the best hospitals, a lot of those plans charge you extra if you need an expensive drug for your cancer treatment, for example.” 


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