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More Continue to Lose Coverage due to ObamaCare



Even with the massive effort in time and taxpayer money spent to enroll as many as possible for the first period of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, many are still losing their health insurance as a result.

The most recent are the employees of Sodexo, a catering company with many colleges as clients.

According to an article in The Boston Globe by Shirley Leung, “many workers are losing their health care benefits as Sodexo recalculates how it classifies full-time employees. The company blames Obamacare, explaining in a slick three-page fact sheet that it needed to redo its definition of a full-time worker to comply with the new health care law.”

Leung furthers that, “Sodexo faces steep penalties if it doesn’t offer health insurance to full-time workers. To keep the accounting simple, the company decided to determine who is full time based on hours worked annually, instead of quarterly.
Doing so meant a bunch of workers suddenly became part time, and their benefits were cut off in January. Others — including those at University of Massachusetts Boston and Suffolk University— are set to lose health coverage as union contracts are renegotiated. Sodexo has about 4,800 workers on 30 campuses in Massachusetts.”

What makes this even worse according to Leung is that, “These workers— the cafeteria ladies, cashiers, and cooks — barely make a living as is. They are the very people who can least afford to fend for themselves.”

The Affordable Care Act is resulting in many of the most vulnerable losing their health insurance.

This has been detailed in many previous articles on this site.  Many employers are moving to make themselves more efficient by taking advantage of what is legal under The Affordable Care Act.  Workers who were pleased with their health insurance before are now finding out that their situation has changed for the worse due to ObamaCare.


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