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Maybe it is Better that Transparency is Lacking with ObamaCare



In the 2008 campaign, it was often that the The Obama Administration would be the most transparent in history.

That is hardly an original campaign promise.  It is thought to think of a politician running for office who states the opposite.  But The Obama Administration is acting just the opposite.

This is especially so with The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

With the new enrollment period looming, there have been many articles about the lack of transparency for The Affordable Care Act.  That is especially so for HealthCare.Gov, the health insurance exchange for ObamaCare.  Needless to say, the actual costs have been buried by The Obama Administration.

Bloomberg Government has done excellent work in estimating the costs of HealthCare.Gov, and those overall for the first year of The affordable.

All are much higher than those proffered by The Obama Administration.  There is certainly little surprise there, as this is hardly the first time the Federal Government has underestimated the cost of a program.  But the amounts are still shocking: over $2 billion for HealthCare.Gov.

And more than $100 billion, in just the first year alone, for ObamaCare.

Maybe it would be worth it if The Affordable Care Act, and HealthCare.Gov worked well.  But that can hardly be claimed.  After all, ObamaCare has been delayed or changed more than 30 times by The Obama Administration.  There is no one who will brag about how well HealthCare.Gov has worked.

As for overall transparency, who will every forget time and time again that Obama promised that Americans could keep their health insurance if they liked it?

Transparency by the voters comes in a big way after an election.  That will take place on Tuesday, November 4.  The mid-term Congressional elections are very much about The Affordable Care Act as consumers and small businesses across the United States are suffeing.  How the American people feel about ObamaCare will be very transparent on Wednesday, November 5!


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