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Is America Ready for the ObamaCare 2.0 Carwreck?



Many articles have detailed how the problems, woes, and shortcomings of the car wreck that was the first wave of sign-ups for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, are still plaguing the American people.

The second wave is coming and it looks to be just as bad!

The enrollment period will be from November 15 to February 15.   There are many potential problems that could easily surace.  These fundamental problems with the structure of The Affordable Care Act.  Those are not as easy to fix as a flawed website.  Many will have an impact in the November election.

A major one could be automatic renewal for the 8 million who signed up earlier this year.

These consumers could miss out on lower priced options.  They could find out too late.  Consumer advocates advise that automatic renewal should always be a last resort.  But it is the first for the 8 million who signed up through HealthCare.Gov, the Federal Government website for The Affordable Care Act.

The time period has problems, too.

It is only half as long as the first enrollment period.  It is just after the November 4 Congressional mid-term election.  The holiday season cuts right down the middle.  For many, there will be many time demands that preclude dealing with a balky website to sign up for health insurance.

Taxes could be a nightmare issue, too.

The whole subsidy matter could cause tax problems for many.  For there first time, millions will have to account for subsidies in their returns.  There are also tax penalties for those who remain uninsured.

Many, many more problems could arise.

That has certainly been the case with every aspect of ObamaCare.  It is difficult to image that more will not bedevil the second enrollment period.  No amount of commercials from Hollywood celebrities will be able to change that based on the poor performance of The Affordable Care Act!



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