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If the Borders can’t be Protected, can Health Care be Improved?



The first test of a nation state are clearly definable and clearly defensible borders.

The Obama Administration has clearly failed that with the crisis of unescorted children from other countries now flooding across the southern borders.  No matter what the cause and what the solution, The Obama Administration has clearly lost control of the borders.  How can those who cannot maintain control over the borders of the United States possibly administer the health care component of the economy?

At about one-sixth of gross domestic product, health care is the largest component of the American economy.

The intent of The Affordable Care, or ObamaCare, is to exert more government control over the health care sector.  Many feel that ObamaCare is a major step towards a single payer system for the United States.   As detailed in a previous article on this site, a doctor wrote an op-ed in USA Today reporting on how much more the bureaucratic burden was for medical treatment under ObamaCare.

It is difficult to imagine how an administration that cannot keep a tragic flood of unaccompanied children from illegally crossing its borders can administer one-sixth of the economy in a very complex field.

There has certainly been nothing in the four years that ObamaCare has been the law of the land that demonstrates that its overseers are capable.  The failures of HealthCare.Gov, the Federal Government website, were epic.  So were the collapses of Oregon and other states in developing their own health insurance exchanges.  As a result, supporters of ObamaCare have suffered losses in every election this year.  That is why there has been more than 30 changes or amendments to ObamaCare by The Obama Administration to try to protect against more election losses in November.

Unfortunately for The Obama Administration and supporters of The Affordable Care, the collapse of control along the southern borders of the United States will more than likely do even more damage in the November elections due to the apparent loss of control, which shows a lack of leadership.


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