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First Year Cost of ObamaCare Projected to be $100 Billion!



Bloomberg Government has stepped in where the United States Government is falling short when it comes to accounting for the costs of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

Bloomberg Government recently reported that the cost of HealthCare.Gov, the Federal Government website for The Affordable Care Act, was $2.1 billion.  That was well over twice what The Obama Administration reported as the cost of HealthCare.Gov.  There will be more costs along the way, to be sure.  Needless to say, greater credibility should be accorded to the cost estimates of Bloomberg Government.

Bloomberg Government now projects the first year cost of The Affordable Care Act to be $100 billion.

As an article on Bloomberg View notes about the excellent work of Bloomberg Government in ascertaining the cost of The Affordable Care Act, it is “…that data on this law continue to be frustratingly hard to come by. Obamacare made changes in so many parts of government that the costs are hidden in the nooks and crannies of any number of departmental budgets. The administration has not exactly been in a hurry to rectify this situation; its releases are highly strategic and almost always missing lots of information we’d like to have. My colleagues have done fine work in assembling these data, but it shouldn’t be so hard for the public to figure out what we’re spending on this law.”

The American people deserve better than information that is “frustratingly hard to come by.”

The Obama Administration claimed it would be the most open in history.  The fine work of Bloomberg Government is proving that it is not. The best way for The Affordable Care to gain support is for The Obama Administration to be as open and as honest about it as possible to Congress and the voters.  That is what it promised the American people.  But that is far from what has been delivered, as detailed by Bloomberg Government.




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