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Could HealthCare.Gov Damage the iPhone 6?



Despite hundreds of millions spent on HealthCare.Gov, the Federal Government website for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, there are still many concerns about its shortcomings.  A major one is the claims of incomes by many that could end up in subsidies going to those who do not deserve it.  That would be a huge waste of taxpayer money.  Another issue with HealthCare.Gov is in its security.

That is a major problem as it could end up damaging many of the consumer electronic devices that are now carrying more health care features.

As of yet, there have not been any such reports.  But the potential certainly does exist from what is known.  Articles recently disclosed that HealthCare.Gov was hacked in July.  That is hardly a surprise as HealthCare.Gov has performed poorly.  Making that even worse is that there is much sensitive personal information that is contained on HealthCare.Gov.

Who knows what was the extend of the attack in July on HealthCare.Gov…or if there have been many more that have not been detected yet?

Apple has also had security problems with HealthKit, the health app in the iOS 8, it new operating system.  That was reported just this week. Due to the introduction of the iPhone 6, it did not hurt the stock price of Apple.  But such a problem in the future easily could.

Making this even more pernicious is that it could be transmitted by a virus or similar feature that was hacked into HealthCare.Gov!

Due to the expanse of HealthCare.Gov, any consumer electronic device like the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch will interface with it some day, someway, somehow.  If there is a bug lurking, it could be very damaging.  It would certainly hurt the American economy, with economic growth suffering.  There is no way to know until it happens is the most tragic element of all in this matter.

Products like the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch are great consumer electronic items from a great company.

It would be tragic if damage were to happen due to breaches in HealthCare.Gov.  There have already been enough problems with HealthCare.Gov, ranging from the troubled rollout to not being able to ascertain income in a sure manner.  Damage to popular consumer products that represent the best that the American high technology sector has to offer would be even worse!



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