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How Come We Don’t Know if ObamaCare Enrollees are Paying?

  The Obama Administration has never hesitated to tout numbers that support the successful aspects of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. The most obvious example was that 8 million Americans signed up for Obamacare coverage during the first enrollment period. Except for that turned out not to be the number, it was actually 7.3 million. Now the matter becomes ...
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CEO Frontline Report: More Pain for Workers due to ObamaCare!

  As with any major government program, there are supporters and defenders for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. This year has not been kind to ObamaCare supporters as all have lost in elections.  It looks to be equally gloomy for the Congressional mid-term election come Tuesday November 4.  Many supporters of The Affordable Care Act could be joining those ...
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Income Data Unresolved as New Enrollment Period Approaches

  In general, previous matters should be resolved before a new initiative is launched. That is especially true when it is dealing with the public’s money.  The American taxpayer dollar should always be husbanded and protected. It should be the commitment from all who serve the public. But that has certainly not turned out to be the case with The ...
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“ObamaCare, the Gift that Keeps on Giving for Republicans”

  In a piece for The Hill by Rick Manning, the headline was,”ObamaCare, the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans” So much for the hopes of the supporters of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, that Americans cherish it and damage would not be suffered in the November elections. Other articles have reported that The Affordable Care Act will ...
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Federal Reserve Bank Studies Report More ObamaCare Job Losses

  Many articles have reported of massive job losses and reductions in hours for workers due to the requirements of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. Three recent Federal Reserve Bank studies add to carnage. A mission of a regional Federal Reserve Bank is to survey local businesses in the area to gauge the economic health of the area.  Federal ...
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Is America Ready for the ObamaCare 2.0 Carwreck?

  Many articles have detailed how the problems, woes, and shortcomings of the car wreck that was the first wave of sign-ups for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, are still plaguing the American people. The second wave is coming and it looks to be just as bad! The enrollment period will be from November 15 to February 15.   ...
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There is No Denying that ObamaCare is an Election Issue

  Many articles have come out about The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, not being an important issue in the mid-term Congressional election in November.  That is not what is happening in the actual campaigns, however.  To see how wrong that is all one has to do is watch is the commercials of those who voted for The Affordable Care ...
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Students Suffer under ObamaCare

  Previous articles have detailed how retirees are being dumped by companies into health insurance exchanges due to the requirements of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. Students are suffering under ObamaCare, too. Linda Christensen, a professor of business at Indiana University Southeast, Eric Schansber, professor of economics there and an adjunct scholar for the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, wrote ...
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Alcoa Retirees Dumped due to ObamaCare

  Alcoa (NYSE: AA) has become the latest company to force its retirees into exchanges due to the requirements of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. For retirees, this is an unwanted move, to say the least. Many companies such as Home Depot (NYSE: HD), UPS (NYSE: UPS), and others have shifted workers and/or retirees into Obamacare exchanges.  It is ...
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