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“Cost of Health Care a Burden for Massachusetts Residents”

  “Cost of Health Care a Burden for Massachusetts Residents” was the headline of an article by Chelsea Rice for The Boston Globe. Sometimes the headlines says it all! In her Boston Globe article, Ms. Rice reported that, “Overall, 37.1 percent of Mass. adults experienced problems with health care spending in 2012, while 16.4 percent have gone without receiving “needed ...
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Will LeBron James Succeed Where Pajama Boy Failed?

Celebrities are coming out in full force to increase the numbers of those signing up for insurance through The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.  As detailed in a previous article, “Pajama Boy” (below) was trotted out to encourage as many in the 18-34 age group as possible to apply.  Apparently that did not work that well.   Now LeBron James ...
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Another Delay for ObamaCare…But Not Really!

  Due to its failure to meet the projected number of new enrollees, The Obama Administration has extended the deadline for signing up until has been extended.  The new deadline has not been issued.  It will supposedly be sometime in mid-April. Unless it is delayed again. So far, there have been more than twenty delays, changes, amendments, etc… to The ...
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32 Million Underinsured, but Who’s Counting?

  A new report from The Commonwealth Fund reports that 32 million Americans were underinsured in 2012. That means that those 32 million living in the United States did not have enough health insurance to cover their medical expenses.  Overall, that means that 80 million Americans had inadequate health insurance, based on the report.  That is more than one-quarter of ...
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ObamaCare: “A Costly Failed Experiment”

  Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, being signed into law. Perhaps the headline for an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal by John Goodman summed it up best: “A Costly Failed Experiment.”  Mr. Goodman is President of the National Center for Policy Analysis.  He is a well-known expert of health policy matters, among ...
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Back to School for ObamaCare?!?!

  Apparently the more than 30 delays, amendments, and other aspects of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, which are confusing so many have not gone unnoticed by the American system of higher education. Many schools are now offering courses and entire programs to help in ObamaCare being comprehended. Granted, that is difficult under the best of circumstances due to ...
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407,000 Reasons ObamaCare did not Work for this American

  While there have been many stories about problems of the websites for the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, not working, Larry Basich’s saga puts a personal spin on the many failures. For him, the shortcomings have resulted in a medical bill of $407,000. According to an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Larry Basich, a 62-year-old Vegas resident, has ...
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If ObamaCare is so Great, why the Prizes for Enrolling?

  Apparently, not even “Pajama Boy” (above), Hollywood celebrities, or the fight song for “Cover Oregon” has worked the needed magic. With the end of March deadline fast approaching and the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, millions beneath the projected enrollment figures, panic is setting in.  Making the shortfall even worse is that nowhere near the percentage of young people ...
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