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Another Blow to ObamaCare from the Courts!



The United States District Court for the Second Circuit has ruled against The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, by not allowing for Federal subsidies through the health insurance exchanges that are administered by Federal Government.

According to Judge Ronald White in Pruitt v. Burwell, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rule extending health insurance tax credits to Obamacare exchange customers in states that chose not to build their own exchange is not only against the law, but also, “arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion or other not in accordance with law.”

The Affordable Care Act has been the law of the land now for four years.

It has been changed or delayed more than thirty times by The Obama Administration.  Obviously, that was done to have the supporters of ObamaCare in elections.  That strategy has not worked very well.  According to recent polls and the analysis of experts, it is not expected to work in the November midterm elections for Congress, either.

This ruling by the Second Circuit should not help its appeal, either.

There is much to ObamaCare that has not lived up to its promise.  No one can forget the many promises from Obama that if Americans wanted to keep their health insurance coverage, they could.  That was made over twenty times and turned out not to be the truth.  That was simply a tragic episode for consumers across the United States who wanted to keep their health insurance coverage.  Money is not being saved, either.

Millions of others have lost their coverage.

It is likely that the subsidies for the Federal Government health insurance exchange will end up in the Supreme Court, too.  If the subsidies are struck down, that too will result in many more losing health insurance.  It is difficult to see anything having to do with ObamaCare passing again.  That is especially true if the Republicans take back control of the United States Senate after the November election.


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