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“6 Reasons Obamacare can win the Senate for the GOP”



“6 Reasons Obamacare can win the Senate for the GOP” blared the headline for an article in The Fiscal Times by Liz Peek.

Based on the elections so far, that certainly looks plausible for November 4 when Americans go to the polls.

Supporters of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, have lost in every election this year.  ObamaCare does very poorly in the polls. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that only 37 percent of Americans support ObamaCare.  Support from Hollywood celebrities Tweeting away has not helped, obviously! There have been many articles about that in many, many different venues.

Peek’s is an excellent addition to the trove!

Here are the six factors from Peek:

*big insurance premium increases coming in 2015;

*dubious enrollment numbers;

*anger and fear about reduced selection in doctors and hospitals;

*the poor management of The Affordable Care Act;

*the constant changes focus on Obama’s “imperial tendencies”; and

*it is a job-destroying law.


Each of those factors is powerful in itself.

Combined, it creates a powerful force against ObamaCare and its supporters.  The constant changes by The Obama Administration do not help to buttress support for The Affordable Care Act.  Refusing to turn over documents, as recently reported, is not a plus fo ObamaCare, either.  It also undermines the economic and social foundation of that country.  As Peek writes about that, “because of the ACA, Americans no longer need to work to get health benefits – maybe a good thing for individuals, but not for a country whose safety net must be funded by an ever-greater workforce.”

By all reports, Democrats have written off the possibility of taking back the House of Representatives and are focusing resources on holding the United States Senate.

That is a wise strategy.  But, Peek concludes that, “In short, there’s still meat on the bones of the Obamacare carcass; Republicans running for office should get out their knives and forks.”




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