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$2.1 Billion for ObamaCare Website that Still Does not Work!



The most recent estimate for HealthCare.Gov, the website for The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, is now $2.1 billion.

That is based on analysis of documents by Bloomberg Government.

Needless to say, that is much higher than the figure given out by The Obama Administration.  The most recent estimate for the cost of HealthCare.Gov from The Obama Administration is $834 million.  Certainly much lower than $2.1 billion, it is an outlandish amount for a website that is far from suitable.  That does not include the hundreds of millions that have been wasted in Oregon, Maryland, Minnesota, and other states.  The biggest health provider through the health insurance exchange in Minnesota recently pulled out, matters are so bad in the state.

Recent articles have reported of security breaches.

There are also concerns about it infecting other operating systems.  There are many consumer electronic products that interact with HealthCare.Gov.  Its woeful security defenses could result in even greater problems.  It also performs very poorly in determining the correct amount of subsidies for recipients.  This opens up ObamaCare to widespread fraud, obviously, if income cannot be ascertained.

But that is certainly not from a lack of spending by The Obama Administration!

Peter Gosselin, a senior healthcare analyst with Bloom Government who wrote the study along with others, stated that, “The way in which Obamacare has been rolled out has been very messy.  One of the reasons it has been implemented in the way it has been, financially, is precisely to deny opponents of the law a clear target.”

That has certainly not helped the supporters of ObamaCare in the elections this year.

Nor does it look like it will help them in the Congressional midterm elections in November.  Recent polls are trending in the favor of Republicans.  This disclosure of this high level of spending for an inadequate website will certainly not help the supporters of The Affordable Care Act!


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